Music Tells A Story

A former teacher turned professional musician, Jessie is classically trained in piano, violin and voice.  She performs her concerts singing to backing tracks with the addition of violin.  

Jessie has specialist experience singing with those with dementia and alzheimer's, as well as sensory impairments and other disabilities.  She has also worked with children and young people in rehabilitation and care. 

Jessie wholeheartedly believes in the power of music and has seen first hand how uplifting the experience can be.   

Jessie works across hospitals, care homes, rehabilitation centres and hospices, as well as private venues in order to share her gift for music with those who are less able to access it. 

Whilst also recording her own material, Jessie Mary has earned the admiration and affection of many fans, young and old, as well as performing in a country band by night.  By day Jessie loves nothing more than sharing her love for music with those who may need it most.

Jessie grew up in Devon but now lives in Poole, Dorset with her husband and young son.